RPG Tracks

RPG Tracks

Music and artwork by Billy Dolan.

Everything you find here is free music for use in your own role-playing game adventures. Set the mood and add more layers of fun, excitement, and immersion for your players! Below each track you'll find a short description of what kinds of imagery I was thinking about while working on them. Feel free to use this information as inspiration when designing your own moments and encounters in your games, or ignoring them completely and using the music in any scenario you see fit. I'm trying to keep my twitter thing updated whenever I add new songs, so you can follow that for updates if you feel like it.

For Raiding Warband I was thinking about a village or settlement being charged by attackers. The heroes could be in the village, or watching the scene unfold from a distance, doing everything they can to get involved before it's too late.

Entering the Cave was created to give players a sense of drive as they enter a cold, wet cave or dungeon. This is a place where they're going to face a challenge head on.

Spring Village had me thinking of few different scenes - a group of adventurers enters a small town for the first time; waking up in the morning after camping, packing up gear and getting ready to start the day; traveling through friendly territory in a wooded area or along a road that follows a river. It's a simple, pleasant track without much variance but provides some good background noise to guide people towards the mood you're trying to set. Or it might help you fall asleep.

A busy tavern with a crackling fire and some traditional fantasy-inspired music to help set the mood for the countless times your adventurers are hanging out in a tavern or inn while they eat, drink, get to know each other, meet strangers, plan adventures, and get into trouble.

Dungeon Crawl is about adventurers making their way into and through a dungeon and battling enemies. I wanted to make something that strayed away from traditional fantasy themes of classical music or orchestral stuff, and was also longer than 5 minutes so it might actually last for an entire round of combat.

My goal with Mountains is to give the feeling of taking a trek across a cold rocky mountain range or tundra.

Chase could be used for a chase scene, a quick escape, running from danger, or any other kind of fast paced and intense scenario.

For impending danger, I had some kind of intense scene in mind. It could have to do with a villain, a tense argument that's about to go sideways, the players being introduced to some kind of new danger creeping up on them, or whatever else you could think of.

The standard track has an intro which gives just over a minute to set up a scene, and then it kicks into action. The Main Section version of the song is just that, the main section of the song. You might often find yourself in a situation where you need 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes to resolve an encounter or moment and just want something at a low volume in the background that fits the mood. Download this version and just have the track repeat. As long as your audio player of choice will immediately repeat without a pause you should get as close to a seamless loop as possible.

For Misty Morning I took a much more minimal approach. I think there are a few types of scenes this song might work well for. My initial thought was a group of adventurers waking up after camping in the woods, with the sounds of birds and a light misty drizzle. I think it could also serve as a sort of calming background after a particularly intense, drawn out fight, or even a bittersweet victory. Maybe the heroes won a battle, but not without some significant cost. This song could work as a background for that sobering moment as their adrenaline starts to die down.

With Darker Moments your BBEG can be the star of the show as they face off against your players. It's a slow, plodding track that's got a creepier tone than everything else listed above. It could also work as a good background as the players explore the haunted halls of some old castle or holy place.

Tense Tales is a simple track for times when there's some serious information being given out. Maybe the players are learning about some ancient evil, receiving terrible news, or are just being told a sad story. But, just like all of the other stuff here, you can always use your imagination and use it in any situation that fits your games.

Originally, Sea Battle was made to be used for an adventure on the high seas with crashing waves and stormy weather. Whether your players are boarding an enemy ship, being boarded, battling a sea monster, or just trying to keep their boat afloat in the middle of a raging ocean storm. However, that's just what I was envisioning. I've also added a version without any waves or ocean sounds (the NO SOUND EFFECTS version, if not already obvious) so it can easily be used in any situation you see fit without being directed towards a specific scenario. If you download either track they should be able to loop seamlessly in any audio player of your choice.

With Discovering Power, I was envisioning players coming across a place of magic or... power. Maybe they've encountered something special that they're not quite sure what to do with, or maybe they've finally found the item they've been chasing for days, weeks, months, or years. That said, I think it's a pretty versatile track that could also be used in tons of different situations, scenes, and moments that it sparks in your own mind.

Serious Conversations is another take on a similar theme I was thinking about with Tense Tales. In my games I find that so often the players are just sitting there listening to the DM give out information, either through general exposition or through the voice of an NPC. I wanted another option that fit my vision and memories of those moments that was a bit more subtle, and this is the result.

The Banshee is a short, creepy track that was originally made for my own group's current D&D campaign. I edited out some whispery vocals I did that were very specific to our adventure. Now, it could be used in sad, spooky, or mysterious moments, or whatever else works for you.

Escape is a track that started with the idea of making a hasty exit from a dungeon, castle, town, anything really. I think it could just as easily be used for general combat music, or for some type of montage scene where your DM or GM is describing a series of rapidly moving events to the players that they may not be participating. I ended up with the title "Escape" because I couldn't think of anything better. Use your imaginations and do whatever you want with it!

Tips & Donations

All music that I upload to RPG Tracks is available for FREE and always will be for as long as I keep the website up. If you find that what you get out of RPG Tracks is worth money to you, I do accept tips or donations. All contributions are greatly appreciated but never required.

In the future, there may be other ways to support my work (physical albums, t-shirts, etc.), but right now my focus is on getting out as much free content as possible.